The Lost Cities Series Kampong Port Cities of Pre-colonial Era by The Oval Partnership

The Lost Cities Series: Kampong Port Cities of the Pre-colonial Era

Event Details
18 Aug to 01 Oct | 10am - 6pm (Weekdays) |10am - 10pm (18, 19, 25, 26 Aug)
The Oval Partnership
Fort Canning Centre, Atrium
Zone 1
Free Admission

Step into the extraordinary world of the Lost Cities exhibition, and embark on a journey that delves into the Kampong Cities of 14th century Southeast Asia. Imagine a bustling metropolis where the value of trees surpasses that of land, home to a society that grants equal rights to all genders. A tiny island where travellers from far-flung corners of the globe, from Japan, China, India, Burma, the Arabian Gulf, and Venice meet to cultivate and pursue knowledge rather than the accumulation of material possessions. This immersive expedition examines the changes we see in these physical landscapes of kampongs yet reminds us that the kampong spirit lives on in our communities and sunny island.

Curated by The Oval Partnership and a team of multidisciplinary artists, the Lost Cities Exhibition immerses you in a reimagining of the Kampong Cities of 14th-century Southeast Asia. Guided by the visionary female Chief Esah, you'll experience a fictional tale of sustainable culture and livelihoods set in the pre-colonial era and unearth wisdom rooted in real history for the continued development of our modern society.


About The Oval Partnership

The Oval Partnership is an award-winning team of international strategic planners, architects and urbanists who conceive and execute leading projects that nurture and sustain the long-term value of a community’s social, ecological and economic capital. 
During the exhibition, you can expect to see unique forms of artwork by artist Zen Teh and our partners from the Intersections Art Gallery, Gilles Massot and Marc Nair who are known for their multidisciplinary approach.
More Artist Info here.


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