SeaScape Symphony

Event Details
18 Aug to 26 Aug | 7.30pm - 12am
27June Studio
Funan Kinetic Wall
Zone 1
Free Admission

Co-presented by Funan

SeaScape Symphony takes you on a journey to an underwater realm adorned with shimmering blue lights and captivating coral-inspired structures. Across the Funan Kinetic Wall, a display of otherworldly sea creatures and aquatic landscapes found along Singapore's shores unfolds, complemented by bubbles symbolising the essence of life and adding a touch of magic to the scene.

You’re invited to become one with this symphony using the bubble makers provided and delight in watching them float away in perfect synchrony with their virtual counterparts. Through this experience, the installation aims to foster an appreciation for the delicate equilibrium that exists between human beings and marine life.

About 27June Studio
27June Studio is a Bangkok-based creative technology and experience design studio co-founded by Pawimol Samsen, an experience designer and Chayanon T.chareon, a robotic engineer and programmer. Putting people at the heart of their practice, the duo melds creativity and technology in projection mapping, creative coding, and interactive art projects, creating immersive experiences for people to speak, play, share, and express themselves.

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18 Aug to 01 Oct | 10am - 6pm (Weekdays) |10am - 10pm (18, 19, 25, 26 Aug)
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Fort Canning Centre, Atrium

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Zone 1

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Free Admission

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